Tips for Vietnam Motorbike Rental

Tips for Vietnam Motorbike Rental

For the majority of foreign visitors to Vietnam, renting a motorbike is a fun way to get around. Riding a motorbike allows you to explore every area of the city and learn about the way of life of the native people.

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There are two main categories of motorcycles in Vietnam: semi-automatic and automatic. Every variety has benefits and drawbacks. Thus, in order to select an appropriate one, you must educate yourself on their attributes.

In mountainous terrain, the semi-automatic model will prove to be more convenient. This style of motorbike is perfect for trips to the Central Highlands and Northwest Vietnam.

However, the automatic variety (motor scooter) is more suited for city travel. The motorcycle’s straightforward design makes controlling it on various roadways easy. Having said that, if you are not accustomed to it, an accident could occur. The strong throttle can provide you and the motorcycle with a forceful shove forward if you quickly open it. Thus, exercise caution!

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Before renting a motorbike, make sure everything works well, especially the tyres, brakes, and rearview mirror. This will ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. The engine is then turned on to ensure stability. Before mounting your motorbike for a sightseeing excursion, make sure your gasoline tank is full. Since you are not from here, you might have trouble locating a gas station in the event that your car runs out of gas while you are travelling. When riding a motorbike, it is essential to do a thorough inspection in order to prevent unplanned collisions.

Furthermore, the purpose of this test is to demonstrate that you are not the source of the car’s problems. As soon as you find any defects, you must notify the owner. Sometimes you don’t inspect the motorbike before you ride it, and after you return it because the owner saw some damage, you don’t examine it. They might demand payment from you.

Recall that you should only pick up the motorbike if you are comfortable with its quality and safety. If not, you can speak with the owner about the issue with the car and request that they provide you another one.

Tips for Vietnam Motorbike Rental


The majority of foreign visitors to Vietnam enjoy trekking and taking sightseeing excursions of the city and its environs. They typically go on a motorbike ride in Vietnam to get the most thrilling experiences.

It’s best to let the owner know in advance if you plan to ride a motorbike for one or two days so they can accommodate your needs, interests, and circumstances. They will then present you with a powerful vehicle that will allow you to travel a considerable distance.

It would be challenging for you to choose a motorbike that fits your preferences, needs, and price range if you visit the rental location only before you depart.

Tips for Vietnam Motorbike Rental


Once the comprehensive schedule has been planned, get in touch with the motorbike rental provider right away. Let’s say you are from another country or are a foreign guest. In that instance, it is strongly advised to take the time to look into premium motorbike rental addresses online with a comprehensive price list, then note the details of those rental locations.

For recommendations, you can also ask the personnel of the hotel where you are staying. Foreign visitors can rent motorbikes in Vietnam from a few hotels. Then, you might want to think about hiring a motorbike here.

Next, you get in touch with the service to select the right motorcycle. To ensure that your motorbike is delivered to your house on time and that you may start exploring breathtaking beauty spots on your two-wheeled vehicle, find out the transportation as soon as feasible.


Having a current driver’s licence and a legitimate vehicle registration certificate from the Vietnamese government is one of the five requirements for foreigners renting motorbikes in Vietnam. However, it appears that visitors from other countries cannot have them.

Having a driver’s licence proves that you have taken a course to learn the fundamentals of Vietnamese traffic rules. Consequently, you may be held accountable for any incident or mishap that happens.

On the other hand, riding a motorcycle without a driver’s licence is illegal and can result in fines and potentially have the bike seized for a period of thirty to sixty days.

The majority of international visitors to Vietnam lack a driver’s licence. Therefore, we advise renting a motorbike from a reputable and experienced motorbike rental business in Vietnam, such as BM Travel Adventure, to enjoy a wonderful ride without breaking any regulations.

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